Tokyo’s Manga Art Hotel Is a Dream Vacation in a Capsule

If you were the type of kid who spent long, happy hours reading comic books under a blanket with a flashlight, this is the overseas vacation for you!

The new Manga Art Hotel is a capsule hotel in Tokyo with over 5,000 manga shelved floor-to-ceiling for its lucky guests to read all night long.

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Capsule or pod hotels are clean, sparse, yet cozy little bunks stacked together. Guests sleep in these inviting pods and share a communal bathroom, rather than stay in a typical hotel room with large beds and closets. While not the ideal sleeping experience for travelers who might be claustrophobic, the rest of the stylish Manga Art Hotel is airy and spacious with plenty of nooks for curling up with a book. 

On the hotel’s book shelves you’ll find classic manga like Akira, but also new-to-you series that will have you just as hooked, thanks to the hotel’s recommendations written in both English and Japanese. (The books themselves seem to be primarily in Japanese, so start brushing up!) In addition to thousands of manga to borrow and buy, the hotel offers free wireless internet, floors separated by gender, and a personal safe and electrical outlet in each of its 35 rooms.

The new Manga Art Hotel is in the heart of Tokyo about an hour away from the airport. Rooms seem affordable but are in high demand, so there’s no better time to start planning the manga-filled vacation of your dreams than right now.

Featured Image: Manga Art Hotel

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