Tokyo’s Gaming Houses Seek Tenants to Turn into Pro-Gamers

It sounds like the premise for a wacky shonen anime series, but this is actually real life: Specialty “gaming house” rental properties in Tokyo are looking for tenants who dream of reaching their goals to become pro esports gamers.

There are three residences in the Tokyo area that have been deemed Gaming House, properties owned and managed by a company called e’sPRO. They offer shared, partially furnished living spaces particularly geared toward pro gamers, including amenities like high-speed internet, gaming shared spaces, and bedrooms that come decked out with HDTVs. On Twitter, the company even promises that you can concentrate on your gaming goals the same day you move in.

The homes are located in the Tamagawa Gakuen suburb of the city, and each is partially furnished with beds, storage, and appliances. (You only need to bring your own bedding, says the website.) A shared kitchen and bathrooms are designed with multiple tenants in mind. Given that there is such a large percentage of common space, however, the management company’s website specifies that only men will be permitted to live in the gaming houses.

If you’re in the Tokyo area and looking to make your pro gaming dreams come true, you can sign up to visit an open house at one of e’sPRO’s properties for the first step of your esports journey. If you’re not in Japan… well, you can join us in imagining an over-the-top Japanese drama or anime set in a gaming house.

“If they can’t get along as roommates, how will they ever win the biggest esports tournament in the world?!”

The series practically writes itself.

Does a shared house just for gamers sound like your dream or nightmare? Tell us why in the comments.

(via SoraNews24)

Featured image: Kelly Knox

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