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VENOM Co-Creator Todd McFarlane Makes Some Adjustments to Tom Hardy’s Venom

The last trailer for Venom offered a glimpse at its main character in all his terrifying glory, but not everyone was won over by his look. In fact, one comic book fan whose love for the character goes back to its origins thinks Tom Hardy’s Symbiote could use a little tweaking. And his opinion has a little more bite than most—when you’re the character’s co-creator and the first person to ever draw him, i.e.  Todd McFarlane, you have a pretty good idea of what Venom should look like.


McFarlane (and his hilarious drawing sound effects) took to Facebook to show how he would slightly alter Venom’s look if he magically could. He started with the eyes, which he says are a little too close together, making it appear as though Venom is constantly trying to see his missing nose. He also gave Hardy’s Venom’s eyes the original uptick that comic book fans should find familiar.

As for the mouth, he adjusted the length of some teeth and removed a few on the side to get rid of Hardy’s Venom’s haven’t a natural smile. The overall effect from all of his changes makes our favorite Symbiote much scarier.

It shouldn’t be overlooked that despite these suggested changes, McFarlane repeatedly said he is excited for the movie. And why shouldn’t he be? A character he helped create is finally getting the big screen adaptation he deserves, and even if the look isn’t exactly right it could always be so much worse.

Which look for Venom do you like more: the one they are using in the movie or Todd McFarlane’s tweaked version? Tell us why in our comments section below.

Images: Sony, Marvel Comics

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