TITANS Season Two Trailer Showcases New Heroes and Villains

Titans was an unexpected critical hit when it launched as DC Universe’s flagship series last year. Now, almost one year on, the series is returning with a whole new roster of heroes and villains for the young and angsty team to contend with.

The first full season trailer begins by teasing all of the Titans in their costumes alongside new additions Superboy, his good dog Krypto, Aqualad, and Rose Wilson a.k.a. Ravager, also giving us a glimpse at her brother Jericho, played by deaf activist and actor Chella Man. The two-minute teaser introduces us to a new status quo, with Dick Grayson fully retired from the Robin mantle and now apparently training teen heroes himself. His former replacement, Jason Todd, has joined the team along with Donna Troy’s Wonder Girl, who seems to be in a leadership capacity alongside Dick. Hawk and Dove have also returned, though Dawn is more invested in the hero life than Hank, who has apparently hung up his cape for good after his partner’s brush with death last season.

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Images: Titans (C) DC Universe 2019

Game of Throne’s Iain Glen makes his first proper appearance as Bruce Wayne, who it appears Dick goes to for some potentially fatherly advice. Other highlights include Donna and Starfire fighting the deep-cut DC Comics villain known as Shimmer and a first look at Esai Morales as Deathstroke, who it looks like will be the major antagonist this season, with his past with the heroes playing a large part in the action. An intriguing tease comes as the trailer ends, with someone telling Dick that it’s time for him to “Be Batman”—though our bets are on him finally taking on the Nightwing mantle once this season hits.

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Images: Titans (C) DC Universe 2019

The biggest question for now though is how the Titans escaped Trigon in the finale of the last season. But seeing as the first episode of the sophomore entry is named after Raven’s big bad dad, we think we’ll get the answer when the show hits on September 6!

Header Image: Titans (C) DC Universe 2019

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