Experiencing the History of the Titanic in Belfast

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The sinking of the Titanic is a very significant event in pop culture. Between the 1997 film (my first ever in a theater!), the beginning of Downton Abbey and countless exploration shows, we’re clearly fascinated by this event which occurred on April 14, 1912. So when I found myself in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I was delighted to discover the “largest Titanic visitor’s attraction”. For any Titanic enthusiast or history geek, this museum is a must. Here’s some highlights of my two hour time at the experience.


First, discover the history of Belfast, which made way for the building of the Titanic. Why was it built in Belfast?

Next travel through the shipyard on an actual ride through the creation of the area where the physical Titanic was built. The size and grandeur of this project was an enormous pride of Belfast and feat in engineering for the time.

Photo: Jonathan Porter/Presseye


Next walk through the 62 second launch of the Titanic from Belfast. The waving crowds, the general celebration as the pride and joy of Belfast made its way to gather its first passengers from England, France, and Ireland before heading across the Atlantic for America.

Then take a look into recreations of the ship from top to bottom. CGI images of the decks and replicas of the upper and lower class decks adorn this area of the museum leading you through the massive and luxurious ship.

Next follow individual passengers aboard the ship to discover what daily life on the ship was like for the various types of passengers. Walk through exhibits depicting the sinking of the Titanic including a timeline of events and the aftermath in both Britain and America.

View the wreck of the Titanic as if you’re looking down into the sea (my favorite part!) and examine the high-definition footage of the wreckage on huge screens.

Photo: Peter Muhly

Lastly, examine popular culture’s coverage of the Titanic including the myths and actualities of the film and other pop culture creations.

Are you interested in learning more about Belfast and the history of the Titanic? Make sure you check out The Titanic Belfast Experience.

Why do you think we’re so intrigued with the sinking of the Titanic? Discuss in the comments below!

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