Cut Down Your Board Game Set Up Time In 5 Easy Steps

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Board games have lots of pieces! From meeples to tokens, chits to trains, and blocks to cards, there are all kinds of pieces that go in a modern board game box. How you organize your game can help cut down set up time so you can start playing faster. Plastic bags and laser cut dividers are just a few of the different options to organize your games. Here are some tips to keep everything organized for quick setup.

The first step is to organize all your pieces in the correct piles. I find that keeping factions and colors together are important. As an example, if you are playing Ticket to Ride, having all of the tickets in one pile and the trains in another pile is a great start. From there, you will be able to put the pieces in their own containers. This may seem like a no brainer, but be surprised at the condition some people have their board games.

Next, you want to choose what kind of organizer to have for your games. Plastic bags and rubbing bands are an easy and cheaper option to store game components. Ziploc bags come in all sizes, which is great if you want to store Catan tiles or smaller character cards. For games with factions and multiple colored tokens, putting matching factions pieces and their starting cards in the same bag or rubber band wrap will make it easier to choose and set up too.

If you want to go with a higher quality divider, there are some great options out there. Companies like, The Broken Token and Thinker Tinker Maker, offer specialty laser cut dividers and boxes for certain games. Looking for a divider for Lords of Waterdeep or Dead of Winter? They have you covered. Laser-cut dividers are nice, chic options for your games and will add to their durability and quality.

Credit: The Broken Token

Additionally, you can also look at foam inserts. Pick ‘N Pluck Foam trays are a great way to customize the tray for your game and have a place for all the games components. Multiple companies offer different kinds of trays, which allow you to choose the right size for your game box. Usually these trays come in 1’in and 2’in deep tray, but there are even deeper ones, if you are looking to store miniatures as well. If you do not want to pluck the foam out, you can look at laser cut foam options too. Foam Storage companies like Battlefoam and KR Multicase offer lots of different options to store your game pieces and miniatures if you want something officially licensed.

Credit: Battlefoam – Cthulhu Wars

Making sure the game pieces are put away in the correct organizer once the game has ended is important. It cuts down tear down time, as players put their pieces in the right bags, but it also makes set up the next time easier, as you do not have to search the box for the starting pieces. This is the whole point of having organizers and while it may seem like a little extra work, taking care of the game means it will last longer and retain its quality.

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