You’re a Little City Planner With Big Dreams in TINY TOWNS

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Even the littlest dreamers can chase their loftiest goals in Tiny Towns, a new game from Alderac Entertainment Group. Dole out resources between competing mayors, craft buildings to create your town from top to bottom, and become a master builder in this fast-playing, family-friendly game for one to six players.


In this first published design by Peter McPherson, each player takes a turn as the Master Builder, choosing which resource to give out to everyone at the table. Bricks, wood, glass, and more are represented by colorful little resource cubes. Place the resource cubes on the four by four grid to match one of the buildings on the face-up cards on the table. (Different building cards depending on the luck of the draw mean you’ll never play the same game twice.) But plan carefully, or your town will quickly run out of space!

Each successfully completed structure earns you victory points. Once you’re out of spaces to place resources, tally your points and see how you compare with your fellow builders. Do you have what it takes to build the best town you can?


If you’re a fan of certain other games that put you in charge of a small village populated with adorable animals, Tiny Towns will absolutely delight you. The incredibly detailed and bright illustrations of the town’s animal denizens feel like sunshine in a box. You can even play solo thanks to provided variant rules to feel like you really are the mayor of your own town.

With rules that can be learned in no time at all and replayability for groups of all sizes, Tiny Towns makes an ideal, adorable addition to your next game night. The hardest part is trying not to be distracted by the cute critters and brilliant colors on the tabletop game’s brightly hued components.

You can only get Tiny Towns at your friendly local game store at a suggested retail price of $39.99. Visit AEG’s Facebook page for more details.

Tiny Towns is sponsored by Alderac Entertainment Group.

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