‘Stealth’ Studio Apartment Van Allows for Cheap City Living

Living in a city can be rough. There’s often constant noise, tons of traffic, and, of course, a ridiculously high cost of living. In a genius solution for most of those problems an aspiring urban planner has built a “stealth” studio apartment van. One that allows him to live rent free in just about any city he pleases.

Laughing Squid picked up on the above video of the stealth studio apartment. The YouTube channel Tiny House Giant Journey posted the overview, noting that “Jason,” who’s applying for graduate school, built the apartment on wheels. Jason has his own Instagram for his stealth studio van, which he built in 2021 with the help of a friend.

In the video Jason shows off his 125-square-foot mobile apartment in a way that makes us long for the days of MTV Cribs. (Which returned to TV earlier this year, apparently?!) Because, while Jason’s home may be small, it is still mighty. And mighty inventive.

A man shows off the inside of his stealth studio van, which has a kitchen, bedroom, and office.
Tiny House Giant Journey

To enter Jason’s stealth apartment guests enter through the truck’s cab; Jason selected a box truck for his mini apartment thanks to its considerable internal size. The cargo area of the van is 15 feet long and eight feet wide, and Jason shows how he’s been able to divvy up the space into an office area, a kitchenette, a closet, a bathroom, and a small “nest” area for a bed.

Each area of the stealth apartment is impressive in its own right. Climbing up into the nest area, for example, is possible thanks to rock-climbing holds. And Jason’s closet, which is under his bed, pulls out, revealing a rack for his shirts, jackets, and other garments. He’s even been able to put a complete shower in the truck. As well as a composting toilet, which he takes out of the shower when he wants to scrub himself down.

A man shows off the outside of his stealth studio van, which has a kitchen, bedroom, and office.
Tiny House Giant Journey

For our money the coolest part of the stealth studio van is its little kitchen area. Jason obviously put an enormous amount of work into it, and it has a ton of cool features. There’s a little fridge for food and a deep sink for doing the dishes. There’s also an induction cooktop, as well as a hefty amount of counter space. Plus, mason jars that work as cups, but can be screwed into place so they don’t move around. Because there’s nothing more important than a little stability during a turbulent adventure.

Feature image: Tiny House Giant Journey

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