TINY CREATURES Looks Like Netflix’s Cutest Nature Series Yet

Nobody here is going to say a bad word about lions. Lions are great, ditto their fellow big cats, larger ungulates, and those of the majestic pachyderm persuasion. But the wonders of the animal kingdom are not limited to the large. The smallest beasts that roam our planet—tiny rodents and reptiles, diminutive birds and insects—are just as strange and fascinating, and weave just as commanding stories. Plus, they’re all pretty adorable to boot.

Such could be called the driving force behind Netflix’s new nature documentary series, Tiny Creatures, the first trailer for which has recently hit the web. The video showcases some pretty mesmerizing shots of small critters in both natural habitats and domesticated living arrangements. Though watching a duckling take a bath in a kitchen sink may not evoke quite the same vibe as your classic David Attenborough venture, the quality of the footage in this trailer does more than its share to entice.

The trailer for Tiny Creatures, which is directed by Planet Earth II cinematographer Jonathan Jones and is narrated by Luke Cage star Mike Colter, offers quick glimpses of insects like ants, beetles, caterpillars, butterflies, and moths; birds including raptors and corvids (not to forget the aforementioned baby duck having a nice bubble bath in somebody’s kitchen); snakes, chameleons, and other reptiles, many desert-dwellers among them; and a whole slew of rodents—my all-time personal fave is the flying squirrel, but who doesn’t love your standard, cute-as-heck little mouse? All of the above are truly a wonder to behold in such impressively close and clear footage.

A flying squirrel, the best animal in the world, soars through the sky.


Tiny Creatures will hit Netflix on August 7. In the meantime, Netflix keeps a decent collection of nature documentaries (ranging in targeted age groups) on hand. So before Tiny Creatures, why not pass the time by gazing in awe at some of the bigger animals that roam our planet?

Featured Image: Netflix

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