TinkerTurf Wargaming Terrain Brings Your Table to Life with No Painting Required!

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Terrain is one of the most important – and overlooked – elements of wargaming. It can change your tactics and strategies. It can also dramatically transform the appearance of your table and raise the cinematic element. We’ve shown you how to make your own a couple of times but for those who don’t want a DIY solution, TinkerTurf may be the best option out there.

TinkerTurf launched a successful Kickstarter last year – we covered it! – on their idea of using boardgame-quality punchboard instead of MDF or plastic. This allows them to print full-color art on both sides, saving you precious hobby time! Once it’s built, it’s ready to go and looks amazing. At the time we used some terrain that TinkerHouse Games assembled for us, and were excited about using it in Necromunda. Now we’ve got our hands on the final product and are more excited than we were back then.


The initial release is comprehensive, providing everything you need to fill out a table. Containers provide precious line-of-sight blocking for your troops, while the Elevations set gives you platforms and ladders that are great for skirmish games. I’ve loved setting up a nest of catwalks and platforms for games of Kill Team. While cardboard terrain may not survive many contacts with water, the assembled structures have proven durable so far. I have a very curious 3 year old who loves playing with this stuff when I’m not looking, and it’s holding up great.


The centerpiece of this first release is the MagLev Depot and Rail Car. This structure is massive, and is designed with a crane that moves side to side along a rail AND can carry the containers for the container set! It takes up a lot of room on the table, while still allowing for vehicles to drive through it. It will take some time to assemble all these pieces, but the double-sided art helps make it easy. TinkerTurf features glue points and targets printed right onto the pieces.


The pieces are all modular, letting create a different tablescape every time you play. There are 6 different sets in the first release ranging in price from $24.99 to $49.99. Future plans include an Urban City set with buildings and some fantasy terrain for wargames and RPGs.

What style of terrain would you love to see?

Image Credits:  Raf Cordero

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