Tinder Is Making Its Own TV Series

It’s 2019. The world is quite literally on fire. Everything seems terrible and bleak. And now, to top it all off, Tinder is going to start making TV shows. Yeah, that Tinder. The one you use for dates or hookups with random strangers. A phone app with the power to make or break your happiness. Will be making TV shows. We have to keep repeating that until it starts to sound real.

According to Reuters, filming has already wrapped on the first Tinder TV series, a multi-episode show described as having an “apocalyptic” storyline. Sources said that though the series does have a relationship subplot, it’s not tied to the Tinder app. Which seems a bit strange, but hey, points for versatility.


The whole TV show thing is apparently part of a larger plan for the app to grow beyond simple matchmaking and expand its brand into more creative original content. Tinder is owned by Match Group Inc, which is navigating this lateral move. Sources declined to tell Reuters what else will be involved in this creative expansion, so it’s anyone’s guess really. But from the sound of things, we don’t have to expect projects that are only related to dating.

The move isn’t a huge surprise considering Tinder’s previous attempts to break out. Last year, it launched a lifestyle site called Swipe Life, which features editorial content and original videos. We have to imagine the TV element is just another way to keep folks talking about Tinder, which is not a bad idea, really, especially as more and more brands are moving towards video content. (According to the Reuters article, the bulk grocery chain Costco and rental website Airbnb are also planning to make original television content.)

What a weird and fascinating time to be alive.

Feature image: Tinder/Match Group Inc

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