Kate McKinnon to Star in NBC’s TIGER KING Series

Netflix’s wildly popular docu-series Tiger King introduced the world to Joe Exotic’s story of “murder, mayhem, and madness” that took him from his zoo to prison. It was a series about a total train wreck, one that people couldn’t help but stop and gawk at even as they knew looking was wrong. But morally dubious source material has never stopped Hollywood from cashing in before, and it won’t stop it now. NBC has ordered a series based on the wild true story. And Saturday Night Live‘s Kate McKinnon will star as the infamous Carole Baskin.

Carole Baskin in Tiger KingNetflix

Variety reports NBCUniversal Television has given a multi-platform order for a limited series based on Tiger King and Carole Baskin. It is currently operating under the working title of Joe Exotic. The show will air on NBC, it’s new streaming service Peacock, and USA Network. Etan Frankel (Friday Night Lights, Shameless) will serve as writer and executive producer.

The series will feature SNL‘s Kate McKinnon as the big-cat rights activist Baskin, whose own questionable past came to light after she tried to stop Joe Exotic from profiting from his animals. McKinnon will also serve as an executive producer, along with Hernan Lopez, Marshall Levy, and Aaron Hart of Wondery Podcast, where the ridiculous story was first brought to life.

As unbelievable as all this seems, this isn’t the first series about the big-cat loving foes. NBC’s Joe Exotic is a completely separate project from the previously announced Tiger King series with Nicolas Cage.

We’re not even positive we need one series, considering the real story is so horrible. But since it’s also too popular not to happen, couldn’t we at least combine them? Nic Cage and Kate McKinnon starring together as Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin would be a train wreck worth watching.

Featured Image: NBC/Netflix