Lock These STAR WARS Candlesticks In Attack Position

We told you about Burned By Design’s unbelievable Millennium Falcon fire pit, but what if you want to bring his incredible artistry indoors? Alex Dodson, craftsman and shop owner, is obviously a huge Star Wars fan. He brings his passion and eye for detail to these handmade X-wing and TIE fighter candlesticks, and we need them in our house immediately.

Burned By Design Candelsticks

Burned By Design

Recently featured on Laughing Squid, Burned by Design‘s candlesticks are unmistakable statement pieces in any Star Wars fan’s home decor. These are no small statements, either: the X-wing and TIE stand at three and four feet, respectively. The steel spaceships look like they’re locked in a dogfight over the atmosphere of Yavin IV. But instead of green and red lasers blasting through the air, these iconic ships emit the soft glow of a burning tea light.

Dodson’s artistry also extends to a one-of-a-kind AT-AT grill that opens up to reveal multiple grills and a warming rack. There’s also an AT-AT candlestick in the shop if you’d rather have the marching behemoth indoors.

And, just to prove that he’s a die-hard fan, we have to show you the Buboicullaar fire pit. No Star Wars character is too minor to escape Dodson’s forge. (Did you have to look up Bubo on Wookieepedia to figure out who he is? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.)

Take a look through Burned By Design’s online store to see even more Star Wars inspired metal creations! Each one is deserving of its own highlight thanks to the craftsmanship and passion that obviously goes into every forged piece. Note that while worldwide shipping is available from the U.K. based shop, each piece is handmade to order, so you’ll need the patience of a Jedi once you commission your very own ship.

Featured Image: Burned By Design

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