Three Things To Get You Ready For Your First Game Night

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Committing to go to a game night at your local game store can be a bit intimidating for your first time. If you ask anyone who’s participated in a game night, they’ll tell you that it’s a complete blast and totally worth it. We even started holding our own Game Nights because they were so much fun.

Still, your first game night can be a bunch of unknowns that put unneeded stress onto the night. Don’t worry. Even the most experienced gamer had to have their first game night, and unless you’re butting in on an invite-only game night (don’t do that), the seasoned gamers will be expecting new players. So apart from giving yourself a pass and letting yourself be the new guy, there are a few tips to make sure the night is as awesome as it should be.

Learn About the Games You Might Want to Play

While you don’t have to be a tabletop expert by any means, learning about the games you want to play will make the game night go more smoothly. Plus, with the loads of popular games with complicated rules, getting a headstart will get you through the rule-explaining phase quickly and get you right to the game night fun. A great way to get the feel for a new game is to watch actual gameplay, and our very own Tabletop can be a great way to learn about the ins and outs of all sorts of awesome games.

Bring a Friend!

The best way to ease nerves when you’re branching out and trying something new is to bring a buddy along with you. While it can be helpful if you just happen to have a tabletop wizard as a bestie, bringing a fellow tabletop newbie can also help you feel a bit less alone. Plus, it’s always easier to meet new people if you’ve got at least one person in the bunch that you know you can chat with easily. Just make sure to not chill in a corner with just you and your friend. Even though there are lots of great games to play with two people, the more the merrier, right?

Visit the Shop Before the Actual Game Night

Most local game shops are staffed with lots of incredibly nice, knowledgeable people. Still, there can be some intimidation about going into a new game store with new people for a game night. To remove some of the fear factor out of the game store, try visiting it a few days prior to the actual event. You can check out the games, get to know the feel of the store, and meet some of the people who work at the shop. Chances are solid that they’ll not only be super glad to meet you, but will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the upcoming game night.

New experiences can be a bit intimidating, but ultimately what makes game nights awesome is hanging out with a bunch of people who love games. The best advice is to have an awesome time, don’t take yourself too seriously, and make new friends, but also following the three steps we just talked about makes things a lot easier on you and everyone else there.

What are some tips I missed? What do you do to get ready for a game night–your first or your zillionth? Let me know in the comments! Make sure you check out the site for the latest information for the Geek & Sundry Game Night. See you there!

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