Why THOR Is the Ultimate Disney Princess

We met  Thor as a Prince of Asgard. And if it still existed in the MCU at this point, he’d be king. But perhaps there’s another royal title that Thor can still achieve, at least per the rules of Earth, pop culture, and the animated-rodent-worshipping corporate overlords who own Marvel. After the recent trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 spelled out the rules of being a Disney princess, one Twitter user pointed out that Thor meets every single requirement… which is more than most other Disney princesses can say.

Okay, so the meme leaves out the rule about a big strong man hijacking your story, but it’s fair to say the Hulk could fit that role. Or if you ask Taika Waititi, he’d almost certainly say that Korg did. Thor: Ragnarok was largely sold to comics fans on the premise that it was a stealth Planet Hulk movie, and to casual viewers as a “Who would win?” Hulk versus Thor smackdown. But wait! Does this mean Thor and Hulk should end up getting married? It would certainly help to dodge all the issues Bruce Banner has had over the last few movies about being with human lovers.Should Thor join the ranks of Disney Princesses, or is he just another strong man trying to steal their thunder, when he literally has a near-infinite amount of his own? Let us know in comments!

Image: Marvel Studios

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