Thor’s Old Roommate Darryl Survived Thanos’ INFINITY WAR Snap!

We can argue over which Avenger deserves the title of Earth’s mightiest hero, but there is no debating the greatest secondary character in the MCU. That title goes to someone who has never actually been in a Marvel movie, Darryl Jacobson, Thor’s old roommate. The last time we saw Darryl was before Infinity War, and we’ve had no idea if he was turned into dust in the wake of Thanos’ master plan. But don’t worry, because not only did he survive the Snapture, he took time out of his very busy work schedule to wish his old roomie a belated happy birthday.

Darryl—who earlier this year moved to Los Angeles, where he found an even grander Marvel roommate—used lookalike actor Daley Pearson’s Twitter this weekend to wish Thor, who was born on August 11, just like Chris Hemsworth, a late happy birthday. Why the tardiness? Sadly Darryl has less free time after Thanos halved the universe’s population; he has to work Sundays to compensate for all of his co-workers who vanished. You’d think that means some extra money in his pocket and the end of his rent issue, but it looks like Earth’s economy hasn’t responded well to losing half its customer base. Hopefully Thor will help him out by transferring him American money and not Asgardian coins.

But the important thing is Darryl and his stylophone surviving the Mad Titan’s snap is canon now, and we don’t have to worry about the safety of Marvel’s greatest secondary character. But of course, this whole ordeal brings up a very important question:

Hopefully the he did. It was hard enough for Darryl to find a roommate before half of Earth turned to dust.

Which Marvel character should Darryl move in with next? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Marvel

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