Enter The Grandmaster’s Arena in New THOR: RAGNAROK Spot

Though the summer blockbuster season might officially be over, there are still a couple of big superhero movie events to look forward to this year and one of those is Taika Waititi‘s technicolor dreamboat,  Thor: Ragnarok. Every single minute that we’ve glimpsed of the new Marvel movie so far has promised a Jack Kirby inspired space saga unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and the brand new TV spot that dropped during the NFL season opener is no different.

This 46 second spot gives us a more expansive look at The Grandmaster’s arena and gifts the world with a huge holographic Jeff Goldblum in full gold and red regalia. There’s also a whole bunch of quick cut footage filled with the ridiculously good looking cast of the movie. Plus, we discover that Thor‘s intergalactic crew has a name and that name is… The Revengers.

Though there is a Revengers in the Marvel comic book universe, this team doesn’t resemble them at all. They were an evil team who were foes of the New Avengers, so it’s more likely to just be a fun fan reference which we know from the previous trailers that Waititi is very much into. This spot also leans into Thor’s fandom of Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie–a space superstar who, according to reports, Thor massively looks up to–and she looks less than impressed with Odinson’s moniker for the motley crew.

Every moment of this spot is completely fantastic and jam-packed with the neon hued, van art style imagery that’s making us super stoked for Thor: Ragnarok to drop on November 3rd! What’s your favorite part of the trailer? Who are you most excited about seeing shooting laser guns and flying through the skies on rad horses? Or are you just looking forward to all the space babes? Let us know in the comments!


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Images: Disney, Marvel

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