THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER: Does Thor Have a Daughter?

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Thor: Love and Thunder is a wild ride through the cosmos. As Odinson traverses the universe trying to save it, we meet some new heroes and villains. But while a few are expected—Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor and Gorr the God Butcher—we meet some unexpected allies too. In fact, the movie ends with what seems to be a huge new inclusion to Thor lore: his daughter. So who is this mysterious new character? And how does she fit into Thor’s comics history and the MCU?

A black and white image from Thor: Love and Thunder shows Christian Bale as Gorr the Godbutcher
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What Happens at the End of Thor: Love and Thunder?

After an epic hunt, the two Thors—Mighty and Odinson—manage to track down Gorr the God Butcher and the stolen Asgardian kids. In one of the best MCU battles yet, Odinson uses Zeus’ lightning bolt to imbue the children with the power of Thor. While they defeat Gorr, it’s a little too late because Stormbreaker and the Bifrost have already opened the gate to Eternity. Gorr wanders through, ready to wish all gods out of existence. Jane and Odison follow him in, but while Gorr plans to decimate the gods, Odinson has a realization. Why spend his last minutes trying to fight? Instead, he decides to spend time with the woman he loves. See, Jane used up the last of her human strength to take on the Mighty Thor mantle to save Odinson. The hero suggests Gorr could do the same, using his wish to ask for his daughter’s return.

While at first Gorr worries that his daughter would be alone, Jane promises she wouldn’t, looking to Odinson. He nods and holds her as she turns to gold dust and heads to Valhalla. Gorr, now convinced, makes his wish. His daughter—who we saw die at the beginning of the movie, inspiring his brutal reckoning—walks through Eternity, holding her father as he dies. We then get a glimpse at Thor and his new charge’s life as Korg bookends the film, with a reveal that the title is actually about Odinson and his alien adoptee. See, people who know them call the pair Love and Thunder. They seem happy and Thor is now a “Dad God” teaching his child how to protect those who need it as she blasts them with her cool purple lazer eyes and wields Stormbreaker. 

Does Thor Have a Daughter in the Comics?
An image from Captain Marvel #24 shows Bridig Thors Daughter
Marvel Comics/Lee Garbett/Belén Ortega/Antonio Fabela

Yes, but she was only introduced recently. Brigid Thorsdottir of Earth-20368 first debuted in 2020’s Captain Marvel (Vol. 10) #23. Though she was only in a few issues, the series established her as an adult woman living on an Earth where a Cataclysm forced the survivors underground. She’s a muscled Blacksmith who at times has been both worthy and unworthy to pick up her father’s hammer. We didn’t learn much about her other than that she is Thor’s daughter, but in the context of the movie her comic book inclusion makes a lot of sense. 

Does Thor Have a Daughter in the Movies?
A still from Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow shows a blonde white child Torunn, Thor's daughter wielding a giant sword

Well, as we know now, he has one in the MCU. But there was precedent for this in another Marvel movie. The animated film Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow introduced viewers to Torunn Thorsdóttir, the daughter of Sif and Thor. And if we translate the name Torunn, it means “ Thor’s Love.” As we mentioned, Thor: Love and Thunder also calls his new daughter Love, so that’s a fun little nod. Probably not a coincidence too as Thor: Ragnarok writer Christopher Yost was also the writer of Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. While she doesn’t have a hammer, Toruun does have an electricity absorbing sword.

The fun family flick imagined a world where the Avengers were defeated and their children were raised by Tony Stark. Her other heroic teammates included: Azari, the son of Black Panther and Storm; James Rogers, the son of Black Widow and Captain America; and Henry Pym Jr., son of Giant-Man and Wasp. In this story, though, she wasn’t raised by her Asgardian parents, instead living on Earth. However, in Thor: Love and Thunder we’re getting to see Thor be a real dad to his “Love” for the very first time. 

How Could Thor’s Daughter Play into the Future of the MCU? 
A still from Thor Love and Thunder shows Natalie Portman as Jane Foster and Chris Hemsworth as Thor in front of a pink neon light
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From the final moments of the movie it looks like this pairing will continue for a long time. The question is really where we’ll see her next. Considering the film called her “The Girl Born of Eternity,” we can assume that Love will end up entangled in the inevitable cosmic shenanigans that are coming. Elder beings and gods seem to be a key part of the next phase of the MCU, whether the arrival of Zeus and Hercules, the Ennead in Moon Knight, or the Celestials in Eternals. That means that these two deities will probably be needed, whether as part of a team, or as ringers for a big supernatural god fight! Either way, we can’t wait to see them again. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too soon to reunite with Love and Thunder. 

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