Thor and His Roommate Darryl Are Back (and They’ve Got Rent Problems)

Darryl, like his roommate Thor, has become a legendary one-name figure. Since we met Darryl in the mockumentary that showed what Thor was up to during Captain America: Civil War, he got a lot of people wanting more, so much so that one fan started a petition to expand the three-minute clip into a full-blown Netflix series. While it seems unlikely that show would ever happen, Marvel was kind enough to give us a quick sequel to the original video—and this time, Thor’s gotta figure out how to pay the rent.

The video— via Polygon, which will be available on the digital and Blu-ray release of Doctor Strangeshows that Thor has no sense of how real-world money works: When giving Darryl his portion of the rent, he decided to pay with a pumpkin, some golden cups, and Asgardian coins (which Thor claims are worth “a bazillion human dollars”). Darryl is skeptical about that exchange rate, and whether anybody would accept the coins at all, so he suggests Thor get a job.With a laugh, Thor responds, “You serious? I have a job. You know what my job is? I save the planet.” He totally goes the opposite direction of poor Darryl’s thought process when he suggests, and then decides, that the two should get a servant. That’s probably not the best way to pay the rent, as increasing expenses tends to cause a loss of money. It’s a good thing Thor has god-level strength, because we feel as though he’d really struggle with a 9-to-5 gig.

Featured Image: Marvel Entertainment

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