This Working Batarang Looks Like It’s Right Out of the Comics

Every comic book fan wishes they could their favorite hero’s gadgets.

Spider-Man fans want nothing more than to shoot webbing and swing from buildings. Green Lantern fans want a ring that lets them fly around the spaceways. Daredevil fans want to do…whatever it is his billy club does, since it always seems to change. Laughing Squid reported that someone has cracked the code on one of the superhero world’s most well-known gadgets, the batarang.

After realizing they were unable to draw a picture of Batman, YouTuber The Q was inspired to create their own batarang from scratch. After drawing the pattern–freehand, mind you–they took an 8mm piece of plywood and got to work, creating a functional boomerang inspired by the Dark Knight.

Honestly, the finished prop looks like a really big sugar cookie, but it flies just like a Batarang. It’s cool to see what an actual batarang in flight looks like (which you can see in the video). We don’t have the luxury of DC Universe physics, but this still looks rad. You just have to be careful of not getting stabbed by a pointy edge during the batarang’s return flight. Look, being a superhero comes with hazards.

You can check out more DIY videos from The Q on their YouTube channel.

What do you think? Would you want a working batarang? Why did we think we had to ask? Let us know on Facebook or sound off in the comments below.

Images: The Q

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