This WEST WING Fan Trailer Gives Toby Ziegler His Own Movie

In these uncertain political times, many of us are stepping out of reality a bit and turning back to some of our favorite, most inspiring politicians from the world of fiction. One of the best out there is the presidential drama and classic show of the late ’90s/early aughts, The West Wing. While the likes of the iconic President Bartlet, the idealist Sam Seaborn, or the hard-working Josh Lyman often get the praise, it’s about time we share some love for one of the show’s often unsung heroes: Toby Ziegler, played by the wonderful Richard Schiff.

YouTuber Steve Holmes set out to give everyone’s favorite Communications Director a bit of love by crafting an amazing fan trailer for a Toby Ziegler standalone film, aptly titled Toby. Toby was often the quiet one in the Bartlet administration… until someone really pissed him off, and then he was usually the loudest guy in the room. But it took a while to get to that point. And while he was generally softspoken and may not have been as cuddly as the Sam Seaborns and the Josh Lymans of the group, Toby had heart and he had conviction. Like any human, he had his own struggles, but ultimately he wanted his role in the Bartlet administration to help bring about positive change in the world.


Holmes’ fan trailer highlights everything Toby fans love about him: he’s passionate, but he isn’t belligerent or uncontrollable. He holds himself, his colleagues, and President Bartlet to a high standard, and he takes his role in the White House as seriously it deserves to be taken. He is also a loyal friend, and even though he’s not the mushiest guy around, he cares for his loved ones with all of his heart. All the while, he remains a regular person with regular flaws. That’s what makes Toby such a great character: he’s real. Hell, it’s what made West Wing such a great show. It was full of characters who were all flawed in their own ways, but were ultimately trying to make the world a better place.

This Toby trailer may not be heralding an actual Toby Ziegler standalone film, but it’ll undoubtedly give you all sorts of West Wing feels, as you remember what a great show it was and what a fantastic character Toby was and still is. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s about time for a West Wing rewatch.

What did you think of the fan trailer? Would you watch a Toby Ziegler movie? Who was your favorite on The West Wing? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Feature Image: NBC

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