This Wall-Crawling THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE Face Will Haunt Your Dreams

A lot of us–or our younger siblings–grew up watching Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas was the friendly, blue train that spoke with a British accent (unless George Carlin or Alec Baldwin were narrating) and had a surprising amount of adventures for a sentient train car only able to travel on a set of train tracks. Despite the potentially bizarre setting, most of us have only fond memories of the Thomas. Well, I’m sorry to say that is all about to change.

As The Laughing Squid reports, a Japanese sculptor named  Y_NAKAJIMA has decided to take something good and pure and turn it into a sort of nightmarish ghoul of despair. Instead of a friendly, blue, British train, this sculptor removed Thomas’ face from its train body (which, when you look at it by itself is pretty damn creepy already), gave it a motor from a remote control car, and GLOWING GREEN EYES to create something that may be reminiscent to some of you who experienced Thomas the Tank Engine-infused fever dreams after bingeing when you were home sick from school. What’s more, the particular RC car engine that is used for this wierdo face creature comes from a toy called an Aero Spider, which has the capability to drive on walls and the ceiling. Because why wouldn’t you want a glowing-eyed train face zipping about in places you can’t reach?The video that Y Nakajima took of the hell spawn zipping around on walls and the ceiling with its sinister green eyes aglow–complete with unsettling and overly peppy music–is going to be haunting my dreams for a long time. To pull from the wisdom of Jeff Goldblum, “You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could that you didn’t stop to think if you should.”

Did you watch Thomas the Tank Engine as a kid? Would you get a creepy Thomas face for your home, or do you think its too creepy? Tell me what you think in the comments!

Image credit: Y Nakajima/ YouTube

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