This Twitter Account Tells You Which Video Games Have Dogs You Can Pet

Try though you might, you can’t always be within petting distance of a canine friend. But this harshest of realities should not preclude you from satisfying that numinous yearning to share affection with an adorable pooch. If you’re lookin’ for a dog to pet, a new Twitter account can clue you into a few virtual Vizslas and digital dachshunds who’d be happy to host a few ear-scritches and belly rubs.

Aptly named Can You Pet This Dog, the account—which was created sometime in March 2019 and first tweeted on the fifth of the month—alerts its already sizable base of followers to the petability of dogs occupying the gaming medium. Can You Pet This Dog will name-check a given video game pup and reveal whether said furry friend is functionally capable of being pet within its corresponding game. Take a gander at this tweet about the dog in Far Cry: New Dawn, for example:

Alas, not all video game dogs can be pet, but on the bright side, we get a screen grab or video either way. Below, in its inceptive tweet, Can You Pet This Dog breaks the bad news about the sheepdog in  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: unpettable. This might be the only real qualm we have with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as a matter of fact.

The account is young yet, so we’re excited to see how far and wide across the vast cosmos of video gamery it travels in its dog-loving quest. We’ll be keeping an eye out—you can never have too many pooches to pet.

Image: Bethesda

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