This Tutorial Can Turn You Into the World’s Scariest Clown Scarecrow

Man, the late 2010s has got to be tough If you’re a professional clown. Once upon a time, the clown symbolized something pure and wholesome and childlike. For Baby Boomers, clowns like Bozo and Emmett Kelly and even Ronald McDonald were what people thought of when they thought of clowns, or even just neighborhood clowns for children’s birthday parties. Nothing symbolized pure Americana like a clown. But times have certainly changed.

Thanks to movies like Poltergeist and Stephen King’s It, subsequent generations have become terrified of clowns, and the media presence of characters like the Joker, or even worse, real life serial killers like John Wayne Gacy, have cemented the clown figure into something terrifying. The fact that last year there was a nation wide “creepy clown epidemic” kind of says it all. For most of us, clowns are pretty damn scary. Which is why clowns have become the #1 horror “monster” make up of the modern age.

Here’s even more inspiration.

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