This Triple Domino Spiral Will Be the Most Satisfying Thing You Watch All Day

Watching videos of dominos falling can be one of the most mesmerizing things ever. There’s just something about watching a unique pattern or incredibly long line of dominos fall just right that is bizarrely satisfying. People can spend hours and even days making elaborate domino patterns, all to ultimately destroy their work in one fell swoop. But often times the fall is just as impressive as the initial build.

Domino artist Hevesh5 makes domino patterns that are just like that—impressive when they’re built up, and even more impressive as they fall. Hevesh5 used 15,000 dominos and put in around 25 hours of work spread over eight days to create an amazing triple spiral domino pattern. As Gizmodo explains, despite the long hours put in to the initial build, it takes just under two minutes for the entire thing to come crumbling down.Despite the incredibly disproportionate build/fall time, watching multi-level domino spiral is so dazzling to watch. While it’s crazy to think about spending 25 hours on something that you’ll just knock down in under two minutes, the dominoes fall in such a beautiful pattern that it makes the long hours put into setting everything up seem totally worth it.

Of course this isn’t Hevesh5’s first amazing piece of domino art. Her channel is full of amazing and intricate designs. However, the triple spiral is her longest build to date. I can’t wait to see what crazy designs she dreams up next to top the tripal spiral! Until then, I’ll just be watching this one on repeat.

Have you ever tried domino art? Tell us about it, and tell us your favorite of Hevesh5’s builds in the comments!

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