This STRANGER THINGS-Themed Party Launches You Into the Upside Down

Chances are, this past weekend you saw quite a few Stranger Things costumes at Halloween parties. I know that I saw at least three Barbs, several Joyce Byers, and an even an Eleven or two (Eggos included, of course). Some of you might have even gone to a Stranger Things-themed party, as yours truly here did.

But I can guarantee you that whatever Stranger Things party you went to simply couldn’t hold a candle to the one thrown by Tony Lund and his friends (including LDN employee Alexandra Klimavich!). Lund and his friends pulled out all the stops to recreate the Byers house, as well as the world of the Upside Down for their annual Haunted Manor Halloween party.“It’s an event we put on for our about 200 of our friends, which has become a tradition—this was the ninth year—as well as a creative challenge to try and top every year,” Klimavich tells Nerdist about her big soirée. “We’ve absorbed collaborators over time. This year there were 20 organizers and planning began in early September. Usually we break up into teams and assign rooms with different themes. Edgar Allen Poe, Haunted Forest, Demon Child’s Room, Oogie Boogie’s Lair… one year a staircase became a giant, grotesque mouth.”

She continues, “But this year, with Stranger Things being a favorite among the group, we realized that we could really effectively execute a property-wide recreation with everyone helping with various tasks to achieve that singular goal. We wound up with some fantastic details, including an alphabet wall of lights that was actually coded to spell out phrases and a Demogorgon DJ lording over the dance floor in the Upside Down.”

You can see images from the incredible Stranger Things themed Halloween party down below in our gallery.

What do you think of this amazing recreation of the world of the super popular  Netflix show? Let us know what you think down below in the comments.

Images: Alexandra Klimavich, Amanda Powers, Chris Willett, Elly Glavich, Revati Dhomse

Watch below to learn about the real life conspiracy that inspired Stranger Things

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