This Slow Motion Video of Magnets Dancing Is Positively (and Negatively) Mesmerizing

Magnets, man. They can do everything from shrink quarters by 50 percent to build Mario levels on your fridge to play the key component in  a visually fascinating clock. Their magnetic fields can cause a bunch of strange things to happen, but did you know that magnets are beautifully gifted dancers?

That’s what it looks like in the latest video from TAOFLEDERMAUS, anyway ( via ViralViralVideos). Here’s how it came to be: According to the video description, the uploader was experimenting with macro shots filmed on a Chronos high speed camera, using LED lighting and filming at “around 4000 frames per second.” Then, upon accidentally dropping some hard drive magnets this aspiring scientist noticed that they attracted and repelled each other in bizarre ways. Ways that he figured could look interesting when filmed in slow motion. And boy was that correct.The video is titled “Magnets look WEIRD in slow motion,” but we’d go so far as to call them beautiful. Especially when scored with cinematic music from Marc Teichert, the magnets, bouncing around and twirling about before eventually finding an opposite magnetic charge to reach out towards, look like they’re astronauts becoming familiar with the gravity of space, or perhaps angelic fish engaging in some type of underwater courtship. Whatever analogy you want to make, this is perhaps just a reminder that things in our everyday lives have beauty beyond what is obvious.

The video’s kind of a trip regardless of how you see it, so give it a whirl above, because you’re in for a surprisingly (and scientifically) serene few minutes.

Featured image: TAOFLEDERMAUS/YouTube

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