This Photo Makes Seattle Look Like STAR WARS’ Cloud City

Seattle is a gorgeous city with tons to see and experience. From the Space Needle to the Pike Place Market to the delightfully kitschy-yet-beautiful Gas Works Park–not to mention the original Starbucks–Seattle packs a lot of culture. But it has a lot more going for it than several flashy tourist attractions. Apparently, it also can do a bit of Star Wars cosplay on the side. Specifically, the city does a great job looking just like Cloud City from the planet Bespin in Empire Strikes Back.

Don’t believe me? Redditor boytijan recently snapped a pic of Seattle from an airplane on a cloudy day, and it most definitely reminds us of the esteemed Cloud City. What with the way the Needle peeks out of the thick mass of American Northwest’s cloudy skies, you can’t help but get Empire flashbacks when looking at this picture. You half expect to see Han taking the Millennium Falcon down for a landing here. Check it out:

That definitely looks like a small but thriving community for larger entities like the Empire to notice, doesn’t it? Just be wary of meeting an old friend there and any deals they talk about that will keep their idyllic sky community free from a tyrannical rule. You know how evil rulers have a habit of altering deals, after all…

Regardless of what is really going on at the top of the Space Needle, be it tourist attractions or the hustle and bustle of a small mining colony, I definitely think that Seattle’s reputation of being one of the cloudiest, rainiest cities in the US should change. It’s obvious its just a town that has a strong commitment to representing iconic cities from Star Wars. At least that’s way easier to accept when you’re hardcore missing the sunlight, right?

Have you taken any cool pictures of your hometown from the air? Have they ever looked like iconic cities from science fiction or fantasy? Tell us about them in the comments!

Featured image: Star Wars

Images: boytijan/ Reddit

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