This OVERWATCH Widowmaker Gown Can Assassinate in Style

I know Overwatch‘s Widowmaker is ruthless, cold, and exceptional at eliminating her targets without a second thought. However, I can’t help but imagine her clapping her hands and making high-pitched noises upon seeing this custom masquerade gown by Firefly Path. The elaborate design is based on Widowmaker’s look, and it kills.

The detailed patterns, colors, and spider touches (look at the black widow spider on the back!) clearly tie the dress to the Overwatch assassin. I think the most subtle touch takes form in the side pieces on the gown that match Widowmaker’s leggings.

This sort of intricacy is what Firefly Path is known for. The company makes fantastical dresses that look like they’re from another realm. This masquerade gown fits the bill. JoEllen Elam from Firefly Path shared some details about the Widowmaker commission with us. “Her bodice features a filigree ‘W’ at her neckline,” Elam says. “Her armor had been replaced with a puff sleeve and lace gloves, mimicking her original silhouette. The back of her bolero sports a faux leather black widow spider wrapping around her shoulders. Her metal filigree mask is made in two parts. She [The client] has the option of wearing it together or separately.”

Because I’m sure you’re itching to see more of what JoEllen and her team does, you can follow along with her commissions at Instagram and Facebook. If you’re imagining a gown of your own, visit the Firefly Path website. They’re closed for commissions for the year, but you can gather intel.

Which video game character would you like to see in a magical ball gown? Share your picks in the comments.

Images: Firefly Path

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