This Nerf Gun Could Do Some Serious Damage

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For nearly fifty years, the word Nerf has been synonymous with safe. Most Nerf products are so soft and flexible that it would be almost impossible to seriously injure someone with them. It would take a lot of work to change that, but that’s just what one man did when he created his own custom Nerf canon. As a result, there’s now a Nerf gun that can break the sound barrier!

The YouTube channel  Giaco Whatever has posted a few videos featuring his latest creation, which is capable of firing a Nerf dart up to 2.3 times the speed of sound. As you can see in the video above, the Nerf dart is fired so quickly that it can’t be picked up by the naked eye. In slow motion, the dart only shows  up in two frames, and it tears through cardboard as if it was a deadlier projectile. In a follow up video, the new Nerf canon is fired at someone who had the misfortune of losing a ping pong game to the video’s creator, which led him to volunteer to take a hit from the canon at a reduced speed and at a greater distance from it. Even then, the Nerf dart still managed to hurt the man and tear into his flesh.

In the same video, the Nerf dart was fired at ballistic gel and other random objects, but nothing could quite stand up to the power of that canon. There is also a video that showcases the creation of the canon, and Giaco Whatever’s stated intention to create a “lethal Nerf gun.” Judging from this footage, he’s not far from his goal!

The scary and awesome part is that the next version of the Nerf canon is already being planned, and it might be even more powerful than this one!

What did you think about Giaco Whatever’s Nerf experiment? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image Credit: Giaco Whatever

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