This Mondo Grilled Cheese Is the Bread Star of the Sandwich Galaxy

Sometimes, things happen in life, and our animal selves lash out reflexively. Looking at the massive two-handed slab that is the DIY Giant Grilled Cheese in the above video for example, makes you just want to undo that top pants button and scream out to the world: sweet Cheese-us in a can, that’s a big bread baby!

This windsail of a grilled cheese — the E = mc 2 of sandwiches — is one of the latest humongous food items that was made by YouTube Channel HellthyJunkFood. HellthyJunkFood has gigantized (that should be a word) many a food item in the past, including chicken tacos, pho, and this Giant Chicken McNugget, which yes, looks like a big ol’ bird boot.

The Giant Grilled Cheese, which comes via That’s Nerdilicious, has a devastating 3,650 calories, and even though it’s unclear how much it weighs, you can probably skip arm day at the gym after lifting this behemoth to your mouth a few times.

The video mostly centers around baking bread, which is not as thrilling as you might think. But there are plenty of cheesy moments, including this fantastic slow-mo cheese pull that’s like a slow, seductive dance with the dark side of lactose.

Plus, there’s that first glorious dip of the giant grilled cheese sandwich into a giant tub of Campbell’s Tomato Soup. Try as hard as you possibly can to not eat a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup for your next meal. (Spoiler alert: You’re probably going to have grilled cheese and tomato soup for your next meal.)

What do you think about this mondo grilled cheese sandwich? Would you dare to make and eat this thing, or are you getting sick just looking at it? Let us know what your enteric nervous system thinks in the comments below!

Images: HellthyJunkFood

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