This “Mass Effect” Tarot Is The Harbinger Of Your Fortune

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I’m a die hard Mass Effect fan. I’ve played the trilogy three times. I’ve written articles about it. I’ve even written songs about it. My obsession is slightly unhealthy.

I also happen to be really into the tarot. Tarot reading is a relatively new form of divination that utilizes cards and symbolism to advise someone for a situation. I always found the depth of tarot symbolism to be fascinating. Plus some of the art that comes on decks can be absolutely stunning. Do I need five tarot decks? Nah. But they’re just so cool!

Okay, what am I getting at? I happened to stumble across a beautiful Mass Effect tarot collaboration made by a group of Korean artists. The appropriateness of the visual representation on each card is really impressive. Check out the gallery below to see the art and my personal analysis of each piece.

Featured image credits: Mass Effect Tarot Card Collaboration – YarkZhee, MaekBeahSeu, MahRooRi
Special thanks to Hong Kim

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