This Mariachi Cover of STAR FOX 64 Star Wolf Theme Will Make You Barrel Roll

It’s time again to eat some of those delicious “Member Berries,” and reminisce about one of the greatest aircraft combat games in console history: Star Fox 64. It boasted some of the tightest gameplay of its time, some of the best characters (Slippy, we love you, but please do shut up) and now, thanks to Banjo Guy Ollie and the Mariachi Entertainment System, a kick-ass Mariachi version of Star Wolf’s theme song.

In the game, the Star Wolf theme belongs to Star Wolf, the gang of mercenaries led by Wolf O’Donnell—the guy who “can’t loooooose.” If you need a refresher of the original epic, and spastic, track, it can be found here.Ollie and MES’s take on the track, which comes via Laughing Squid, is perfect for a weird Breaking Bad cut scene; in other words, classic Mariachi. It’s to be expected that the mariachi version of the track is a little less hyper than the original because of the genre, plus the fact that before they started playing, all of the musicians in the video pounded shots of whiskey as well as something out of a nondescript jug that was hopefully full of tequila (for the sake of being thematic).

Banjo Guy Ollie has covered tons of other video game music on his YouTube channel, including Street Fighter II and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. So if you feel like doing nothing except for playing classic video games in a sombrero and your underwear over the holidays, you may have just found the perfect soundtrack.

What do you think about this mariachi take on the Star Wolf theme? Never give up, trust your instincts, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Images: Banjo Guy Ollie

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