This Makeup Artist Painted Her Face to Look Like She Was Chopped in Half

Beauty is only skin-deep, as the ol’ sneakily appropriate proverb goes. But the guts, muscles, blood, and bones inside of your body are what doctors call *vital* so they deserve a shoutout every once in a while too, no? Or, if you don’t feel like giving a literal shoutout to some organs—LIVER I LOVE YOU! KIDNEYS BE MINE FOREVER!—you can take a page out of Ilana Kolihanov’s book and paint your inner-self right there on your dermis. What better way to remind yourself of the fact that you have a brain than to take the time to paint a brain onto your head (other than reading books)?

Kolihanov’s transformation from woman to wo/man occurs in a time-lapse in the above clip, which comes via Laughing Squid. It must’ve taken hours and hours in real time however, as the attention to detail is pretty exceptional. Just ask this guy:

This isn’t the only time Kolihanov has done something somehow simultaneously stunning and spooky to her face. The master face painter, who lives in Israel and teaches at Tel Aviv’s Yarin Shahaf beauty school, has transformed her mug into everything from an optical illusion to a zombie to a dog. That last one, the transformation of Kolhanov into her dog, is shown below–if you want to get surprisingly freaked out, you’ll watch at least the first few seconds of the clip.

What do you think about Kolihanov’s wild makeup skills? What animal would you want painted on your face? A Sarlacc? Let us know below!

Images: Ilana Makeup Artist IL /YouTube

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