This Life-Size Majora’s Mask Is the Best THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Collectible

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is widely regarded as one of the darker games in the Zelda franchise, and for good reason. The absolutely terrifying moon threatens to destroy the planet, after the Skull Kid stole Majora’s Mask and caused that to happen. My cousin once told me that as a kid, his mother wasn’t entirely comfortable with him playing the game, and if we were a parent walking by the TV when the moon makes its infamous expression, we’d probably stop and ask a couple questions as well.

Still, of course we wanted to be Link as children controlling him on the screen, and unlike the Skull Kid, we like to think we’d use its powers for good, not world-destructing evil. That idea probably still interests Zelda fans today, and while we can’t promise it bears magical powers, this replica of the mask that you can buy now at least looks magical.That’s it above, and if you want to pre-order one for yourself, it’ll cost you a few rupees: We don’t know the conversion rate, but in U.S. dollars, it will run you $384.99. Let’s be clear, though, that this isn’t a toy, but a true high-quality collectible. It stands 25 inches tall, weighs over 17 pounds, and has LED eyes that pierce through  darkness, like this:

The mask is expected to become available “Q3 2017,” but if you’re down to pre-order now, you can do so right here. Just don’t let the power get to your head, because we’re fine with the moon in the sky as is.

Featured image: First 4 Figures

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