This Insane Spinning 360° Water Slide Was Thought Up By a 6-Year-Old

It’s probably safe to say that a good deal of kids have imagined some pretty insane rides after being a little underwhelmed by standard theme park fare — like cowbell for music, there can never really be enough loops in rides, can there? But those ride ideas never amount to anything more than brief, high-speed adrenaline-soaked dreams. Except in the case of the ‘SlideWheel,’ which was conceptualized by a six-year-old Swiss boy and then turned into the monster rotating, 360° water slide seen below.

Seriously, why don’t we listen to six-year-olds more often?

Sploid picked up on the SlideWheel, which was created by German ride manufacturer,  wiegand.maelzer GmbH. It’s an exquisitely unique combination of a Ferris wheel and a water slide, which sort of looks like a massive handful of colorful intestines. The ride allows three four-person tubes to ride simultaneously, and as of right now, the top speed for riders is nearly 25 miles per hour. (Speaking of intestines, better be sure you have good control of your own.)

In an interview with Attractions Magazine, Rainer Maelzer, managing director and co-founder of wiegand.maelzer GmbH, said that “the ride was inspired by a six-year old boy from Switzerland back in 2012. He had a vision of a rotating water slide, we patented that idea and have kept ourselves busy developing it ever since.” It’s unclear from the interview how detailed the boy was with his design, but regardless, the idea of taking a concept from a six-year-old and making it a reality is a trend that should continue. At the very least in future ride designs.

After receiving that initial inspiration, wiegard.maelzer GmbH began the process of making the SlideWheel a reality, which took four years. The resulting spinning, tubular beast is nearly 79 feet high, weighs 130 tons, and, for now, will rotate at 30 seconds per full rotation. Above is a glimpse of how the ride is able to take 12 people at once, and also avoid the problem of tubes simply sitting at the bottom of the wheels. “It is distinctive and unprecedented that a water ride and its supporting structure are rotating,” Maelzer told Attractions, “This product must be grasped both in its complexity and its simplicity.”

If you’re wondering when you’ll be able to take a spin on the SlideWheel, it’s probably going to be a while. Wiegand.maelzer GmbH has said that it’s already signed deals with four parks, but it’s unclear when the rides will be built. Although there will also apparently be one to try at this year’s IAAPA show in Orlando. Or if you simply can’t wait, and happen to have the imagination of a brilliant six-year-old, here’s some 360° VR video of the ride to tide you over.

What do you think about this spinning 360° water slide? Is it more or less insane than Colin Furze’s 360° backyard ladder swing? Let us know in the comments below!

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Images: YouTube / Attractions Magazine 

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