This Guy Makes Sweaters Based on Locations, Then Visits Those Places

There has never been a better time in which to exist than right now, at least as far as the options you have for taking photos of yourself is concerned. You can pull out your phone and snap a quick pick virtually anywhere, and you can even make yourself look like a dog or flower princess with a few quick presses. Then there are people like Sam Barsky, who is absolutely running the game with an approach that’s distinctively old-school, although we’ve never seen anything like it ( via Dangerous Minds).

For his photos, Barsky creates what we suppose could be described as real-life, wearable geo-filters: He knits a sweater that depicts a real-world locations, then goes to that location and takes a photo of himself wearing the sweater at that place. As you can see above, he knitted up a Stonehenge sweater, then went over to Wiltshire, England and did his thing. He’s also taken this project to the Golden Gate Bridge:

Times Square:

…and others, put what is perhaps most interesting about this endeavor is that Barsky has knitted sweaters for a lot of mundane places. His Facebook page shows he’s made some so locations like some power lines, what looks like a rest stop that has decorative stone toadstools, a place with llamas, a front yard that has pumpkins in it, and at least a couple different roads.

We don’t pretend to understand the inner workings of this man’s brain, but we do appreciate him immensely. Check out more of his sweaters here or on his Facebook page.

Featured image: DesmondThePotato

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