This Guy Made an “Airzooka” Airgun and It Can Blow Holes in Car Doors

It’s difficult to rank the highlights of The Slingshot Channel’s “Airzooka” videos, but if some of the more wonderful things had to be listed, they’d include the host’s thick German accent, his slightly demonic belly laugh, the name “Airzooka,” and of course, the Airzooka itself: a ridiculously high-powered airgun–possibly the world’s largest according to The Slingshot Channel–that makes swiss cheese out of car doors and presumably anything else in its path.

The Airzooka obviously uses compressed air to fire its projectile, but the pipe on this thing is massive, which means massive thrust. Massive thrust for what? A gigantic “arrow” made of a metal tubing with a roughly 2.55-inch diameter and a “you’re gonna die just looking at this thing” needle tip.

The shoulder-mounted airgun–let that sink in: shoulder-mounted airgun–weighs roughly 33 pounds, and when The Slingshot Channel’s host, Jörg Sprave, fires it, it literally blows him away. Surveying the damage done by the massive “arrow” (really, it’s a small office building), Sprave notes that the result of the Airzooka is [insert Arnold Schwarzenegger voice] “Pure destruction.”

While the above video of the Airzooka is great, it’s also impossible to get enough Airzooka. Which is why it should be considered a true blessing of the Anemoi that we have more Airzooka action in the video below:

What do you think about the monstrous Airzooka? Do want one for a Christmas present? Do you want to arm yourself with one against Robot Santa Claus from Futurama? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: JoergSprave

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