This Falkor from THE NEVERENDING STORY Toy Can Be Yours (If You Can Sew)

If you’re someone who watched the movie The Neverending Story on a loop back when you were a kid, there’s two specific things that movie made you wish you had. One: a cool-looking book that grants you wishes (because who doesn’t want one of those?) and Two: a flying Luck Dragon—just like the one called Falkor in the movie. Falkor is this weird half dog, half lizard thing that is at once adorable and creepily off-putting. But when the movie’s hero Bastian wishes Falkor to life, and uses it to intimidate bullies from school, every single kid in the world wanted one of their own.

Sadly, no Falkor toys were made back in the day (and if they had, you can bet I would have demanded one). However, last year an Etsy shop called Game Guardians made a Falkor plush toy, which ended up making the rounds online last spring. According to the folks at Game Guardians, the want was so enormous for the Luck Dragon plush, they couldn’t keep up with demand. Now, according to a short statement on their page, they’re going to offer a Falkor pattern for sale so fans can make their own.Of course, you’re going to either have to know how to sew or find someone who does, but at least now you know you’ll be able to have your own little Luck Dragon to cuddle up with as you  watch the music video to The Neverending Story theme song by ’80s pop star Limahl (and if you’ve never seen it, you really need to, if only for the amazing hair).

You can check out what the completed Falkor the Luck Dragon plush looks like in our gallery below. Now: who’s going to make one and send it to the Nerdist offices? Let us know in the comments below.

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IMAGE: Warner Brothers

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