This Disney Parks-Themed NES and Its Games Would Be Incredible

It’s hard enough to get your hands on a regular version of Nintendo’s tiny NES Classic Edition, so could you imagine the frenzy that’d take way if the portable consoles were themed? Maybe we’ll see custom editions as soon as initial sales hit a plateau; if Nintendo needs helping choosing a theme, we’re throwing our vote behind Parkeology’s  Disney Parks-themed NES Classic Edition. It’s not a real product you can buy, but boy do I wish it was. I like the colorful design on this example, but there are so many possibilities. Nintendo, this is money on the table.

Throwing some Mickey Mouse flair onto the NES console is enough for me, but like Parkeology points out, what if it comes packaged with similarly themed games? They could call it The WDW Classic Edition and outfit it with games that are a nod to former attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort. Parkeology used images from existing titles to illustrate their examples, but they renamed them. For example, Capcom’s Mickey Mousecapade would become the “Mickey Mouse Revue.” Some gameplay from the ’80s game:

Atari’s Dragon Spirit would become “Journey into Imagination,” a nod to the original version of the Epcot ride starring Dreamfinder and Figment. Nintendo’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is being called “River Country” after the water park that’s been closed and abandoned since 2001. You can view Parkeology’s complete list of WDW Classic titles at their website.

If you could purchase a WDW Classic Edition NES, which titles would you pre-load the mini console with? Tell me about your picks in the comments.

Images: Courtesy of Parkeology

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