This Cake Artist Makes Amazingly Detailed Pop Culture-Inspired Cakes

A few days ago, I baked my first cake, assuming my memory is serving me correctly and I haven’t blocked out any prior traumatic cake-baking mishaps. It was lemon with vanilla frosting, moist and tasty enough, and overall not that bad for a 24-year-old guy who won the Home Ec. award in the 8th grade. Then I saw Natalie Sideserf’s cakes and was reminded of advice my father gave me growing up (about playing basketball, but it still applies): If you really want to be the best, always be practicing, because somewhere out there, there’s somebody working on their craft and potentially becoming better than you.

Having manageable goals is also important, because I could practice baking cakes for the rest of my life without ever coming close to achieving the culinary artistry that Sideserf has nailed with her incredibly realistic pop culture-inspired cakes ( via Unreality). Just take a look below at what is not actually a photo of Bob Odenkirk in character as Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman from Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad with a fan, but actually Sideserf posting with a cake she made:

Sideserf has taken her cake sculpting skills to every corner of pop culture, to classic cartoons to sports to music to video games. She posts incredible photos of her work on Instagram, so check that out, as well as a few of our favorites below.

Featured image: AMC

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