This Beautiful Time-Lapse Video of Blooming Flowers Took Over 3 Years to Make

We can’t attest for the April showers that you may or may not have experienced in your area, but whatever the case, it’s about the time that the subsequent May flowers start to pop up. Watching these flowers grow might sound like a boring endeavor, but that’s only because you haven’t done it filmmaker Jamie Scott‘s way yet. His new short film, called “Spring”, is a time-lapse clip that shows flowers blooming, and it took him three years to make ( via Sploid).

The four-minute clip shows a variety of plant life springing into bloom, and it features a variety of panning shots that weren’t easy to achieve by any means. Scott spoke with Fstoppers about the process, which involved a bunch of technical knowhow and a variety of different setups to make this video possible. Probably the most visually and technically impressive part of the video is when it transitions from a stark black background to the bright blue skies of Central Park.

It’s safe to say that no corners were cut during this production. Spring was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II camera in 5K, and all that footage resulted in over 8 TB of raw video. The clip is a follow-up to Scott’s 2012 video Fall, which gives a similar treatment to the color-changing leaves of autumn. We’d be curious to see how Scott would handle summer and winter in this fashion, because we’re sure it’d be marvelous.

What do you think of the clip? Do you have any other favorite time-lapse videos? Give us a shout in the comments and let us know!

Featured image: jamie scott/Vimeo

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