This Awesome Dad Made a “Virtual Reality” Rollercoaster for His Daughter

Just about every kid dreams of going to Disney World, the most magical place on Earth when viewed through youthful eyes (but a lot of waiting in long lines for the older and more cynical crowd). Because of the high demand, enjoying a day at the theme park can get pretty expensive, so when Victor Peoro told his young daughter that it was too pricey to go, he came up with a pretty good alternative: a “ virtual reality” roller coaster ( via Neatorama).

His setup was supremely simple: Get a POV YouTube video of a roller coaster ride playing on the TV, put his daughter in a small plastic bin, then hold that bin in front of the TV and move it around in sync with the video. Her laughter is proof enough that this was a good idea, and it looks like dad is having a nice time himself.

Tell you what, though: I don’t have a daughter of my own, but if I did, I don’t think I’d be able to pull this off–goodness, are you seeing how huge this guy’s forearms are? Love is a powerful thing, but I got to start doing some curls or whatever sort of workout will inflate my forearms like that.

The good news is that the Peoro family might make it to Disney World after all. At the suggestion of many YouTube commenters, the father started a GoFundMe page to make his daughter’s dream of going to the theme park come true, and it’s nearly at the halfway point of its goal in less than 24 hours.

Check out the fundraiser here, and let us know in the comments if you have any other examples of creative and loving parenting like the video above.

Featured image: KentuckyFriedIdiot/YouTube

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