Thirsty Armadillo Drinking Water Will Quench Your Thirst for Cuteness

Armadillos. You probably know the little mammalian tanks as those things with armor that curl up into balls for defense (although only one of 22 varieties does this), or scurry across dirt paths in vague and sprawling nature videos. But have you ever taken the time to sit back, and give some thought to just how cute Dasypus and Chlamyphoridae, the two surviving armadillo families, really are? Have you?! Have… you?

Here, look at this clip of an armadillo drinking water. Let its little eager sips quench your thirst for cuteness:

The clip of the armadillo drinking water was posted to Facebook by Feira de Caruaru, which is a Portuguese name that translates to market of Caruaru, although even with the translation, it’s hard to tell exactly what the company(?) does. Caruaru, if you haven’t heard of it—what, have you been rolled up in a ball or something?—is a municipality in Brazil. This figures, as armadillos originated in South America, and still have their most significant presence in that region.

Along with drinking water like a little thirsty pup with a weird, thin pig face, armadillos also have a bunch of other cute stuff going for them: like the fact that armadillo means “little armored one” in Spanish, or the fact that the epidermal scales that make up the armadillos’ armor are called “scutes.” Armadillos also have a very slim chance of infecting you with leprosy, but this is a time for thinking about their cuteness! Here, watch this GIF of an armadillo getting a bath:

Image: YouTube / Waggle TV

What do you think about this cute little armadillo drinking water? Do you want an armadillo for a pet now, or are you just going to buy some of that 3-D printed battle armor for your cat? Let us know your thoughts below!

Images: Flickr / Lauren Mitchell

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