ThinkGeek Wins April Fools’ Day Once Again

While April Fools’ Day on the internet can have some decidedly mixed results, there’s one company we can always count on when it comes to quality spoofs: ThinkGeek. Year after year, the geeky retailer comes up with genius fake products that people really want to buy. (Did you know sometimes the demand gets so high, the gags  actually turn into real products?) This year is no exception.

While we’re normally not fans of spoiling all the fun, we just have to tell you about some of our favorite gags on the ThinkGeek site today.

Captain Marvel Universal Pager

ThinkGeek Wins April Fools’ Day Once Again_1

Only Nick Fury has the pager to call Carol Danvers back to Earth, but this Bluetooth replica isn’t bad to have on clipped on our belts, either. We’d stare wistfully at it all day and daydream about giving Captain Marvel a buzz.

ROOMBY: Kirby Robot Vacuum

ThinkGeek Wins April Fools’ Day Once Again_2

Speaking of things we wish were real, this Kirby vacuum is one of them. Can you imagine having a little Kirby of your own? The pet hair and dust on your floor would be toast! We’d just be nervous he might grab the cat while he’s at it.

Flame Jam Hoop

ThinkGeek Wins April Fools’ Day Once Again_3

If you’ve ever played basketball and been on absolute fire, this is the mini-hoop for you, because it’s actually on fire. Just a little bit of lighter fluid and you’re ready to light your opponents the hoop up.

Thor Mighty Mjolnir Mailbox

ThinkGeek Wins April Fools’ Day Once Again_4

This mailbox, we like it! This mighty mailbox can’t be moved and only those who are worthy can open it up to get the envelopes and packages inside. No one is stealing your mail with Mjolnir around. It even helpfully lights up with Asgardian magic to let you know when the mail has arrived.

Motion-Controlled Mimic Package

ThinkGeek Wins April Fools’ Day Once Again_5

Speaking of mail thieves, we really, really, wish this Dark Souls-inspired mimic package was real. Drop this motion-activated surprise package on your doorstep, and any porch pirate who tries to nab your latest online order will have to make a dexterity saving throw to not lose a finger. Or just get the bejeebies scared out of them so badly they never try it again. We’re happy with either.

There’s even more to discover on the ThinkGeek site, and you can score 41% off all accessories and apparel on April 1 only, which is no joke. Happy April Fools’ Day!

All Images: ThinkGeek

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