Things DMs Need To Know To Craft Fantastic Campaigns

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A great DM will make a campaign more than just some notes on paper, turning it into an exhilarating experience that players will fondly remember. Here’s some tested advice to help craft adventures that are truly remarkable.

  • Make Your RPGs Less Roll Playing and More Role Playing: If the only problem you give your players look like nails, the only tools they’ll use are hammers. Same goes for roleplaying games. Providing experiences that aren’t simply combat driven is key to creating those moments in games that develop characters and cultivate immersion in a game universe.
  • Choose Your Way to Better RPG Prep: Nothing sucks more than feeling like your players have you, their DM, with your proverbial pants down. Prep is key to keeping games running smoothly and having a vision for outcomes that provide meaningful direction for players, no matter their decisions. This article keys into prepping so you can still provide story branches that that aren’t overwhelming to you, but also reflect key decisions made by your players. 
  • How To Integrate Character Backstories Into RPG Campaigns: Player immersion and buy-in are earned, and one way DMs earn it is to weave into their players’ characters into the story, making the more invested and giving opportunities for players to explore themselves, which is a great way to help player investment into the game.
  • Build Better Bosses: A bad boss can suck all the air out of a room on gaming night. Advice given covers how to create bosses that challenge the characters and their abilities, how to handle player who are overly clever as well as players who are not clever enough, and how to make bosses that don’t just feel like obstacles to players, but rather key elements in a story.

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