They’re Making Coffee-Infused Bagels Now

The future has delivered again, people. Coffee and bagels as two things? Suffer from that Bantha crap no further! For there are now caffeinated bagels—dubbed Espresso Buzz Bagels—and Star-Lord please bless all of our stomachs and hearts because both of those organs may soon take quite a beating from these little baked hybrids.

Uproxx brings us word of the Espresso Buzz Bagels, which are a creation of Einstein Bros. Bagels. and part of a new rollout of a line of “Boosted Bagels.” The Boosted Bagels (which could be the name for a  Fast and the Furious 36 installment?) also include a “Cherry Chia” bagel and a “Savory Parm” bagel. But the Espresso Buzz Bagel is the real attention grabber because it has the wheat for speed. The flour for power. The dough for go! …In other words, it’s bread that acts as a stimulant.The Espresso Bagels deliver their said Buzz utilizing caffeinated flour, and each bagel contains about 32 milligrams of caffeine. For reference, there’s 95 milligrams of caffeine in your average cup of coffee, and 111 milligrams of caffeine in a Red Bull.

The Espresso Buzz Bagels will also be available in sandwich form, as Espresso Buzz Bagel & Bacon Sandwiches. These 600-calorie sandwiches include thick-cut bacon, eggs, cheddar cheese, butter, and a really thorough testing of your arteries’ capacity to shunt blood to your extremities.

Kerry Coyne, Einstein Bros.’ VP and Head of Marketing told Fox News, “We have watched the coffee category expand and adapt as Millennials converted to coffee drinkers, attracted by the smoother flavor and artisanal characteristics and third- and fourth-wave coffee.” She added, “We knew our culinary team could deliver that same premium, hand-crafted sensory experience with the beloved category hero of espresso in our best-in-class, fresh-baked bagel.”

There you have it. Coffee meets bagel. A breakfast treat for our times. Maybe not the bagel we need, but the artisanal hero we deserve.

What do you think about this caffeine-infused bagel? Espresso your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Einstein Bros. Bagels

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