These STAR WARS Beds Will Bring Your Padawan to the Dark Side

There comes a time in every Jedi Master’s life when he or she must watch their young Padawans choose their own path, feel the Force of the Midi-chlorians in their cells, and also sleep in their own beds through the night (hopefully). And while the first two tasks really come down to destiny and how much they like sand, that last problem can be solved with some help from Rooms to Go and their collection of stellar Star Wars-themed beds.

If you’re raising your own little Rebel, he or she will probably find their spirit bed among this collection, which comes via io9. All three beds, which include the Millennium Falcon bed below as well as the X-Wing twin bookcase bed and the Landspeeder bed in the image gallery at the bottom of the page, are perfect for kids who want to spend their dreams cruising across Tatooine, attempting the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, or battling it out with some TIE fighters in a galaxy far far away.

Speaking of TIE fighters, this collection also offers a TIE fighter desk that’s perfect for anybody who wants to lay out their plans to attack Yavin or a set of math problems—some kids have just been made to suffer.

The beds range in cost from $600 for the single X-Wing bookcase bed and Millennium Falcon bed, up to $900 for the Landspeeder bed and $1,200 for the twin X-Wing bookcase bed. But maybe your Padawan will be able to help with the price by earning some credits from podracing or cleaning up the garage.

What do you think about these Star Wars beds? Is this what you dreamed for when you wished upon a Death Star, or are you going to “stay [purchasing] on Target”? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Rooms to Go

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