These Kids’ TRANSFORMERS Costumes Actually Transform (and Are Actually Adorable)

Did the Transformers media franchise spawn as a marketing campaign for some plastic toys with a few moving parts? Definitely. But despite the brand’s commercial intentions, it’s become much more than that. Like the other great things that we loved during our childhoods, Transformers inspired us to be imaginative. And to ask the important questions: Which Transformer is the best? What else can they transform into? If all the Transformers got in a big fight, who do you think would… You get the idea.

For one group of kids, Transformers-inspired imagination took a pretty impressive form. In a video that was presumably shot outside of some convention hall, we see a group of kids with parents who clearly love them very much—enough to go through the trouble of making (or buying) some excellent costumes that allow them to transform from fighting robot to vehicle and back again:

The costume sits on their bodies like suits of armor, and when they crouch into the right position, the larger elements fall into place, turning these kids into what are honestly pretty flawless vehicles. When the kids are in position, they truly do look like straight-up cars, trucks, and jets.

Is this the best kid’s costumes you’ve ever seen? Or is there some other Transformers cosplay out there that’s so good that it trumps the cuteness of these youngsters to claim the crown? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Featured image: Paramount Pictures

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