These Guys Made AQUAMAN’s Trident and It’s Just So Badass

Comic book fans love to argue about which superhero is stronger, faster, and generally more awesome, but among those arguments, one hero has continuously found his powers questioned while also being the butt of more than a few jokes. I’m talking, of course, about everyone’s favorite dweller in the depths, Aquaman. Whether or not you find yourself impressed by Aquaman’s oceanic powers—even though I’m not sure how you can think he isn’t a total badass since Jason Momoa took on the title—I think we all can agree on one thing: his trident is incredibly badass.

Whether you’re talking about Momoa’s new trident, or Aquaman’s classic glowing golden one, there’s no denying: it’s an awesome weapon. It doesn’t matter who you are, be you superhero or an everyday weatherman, anyone using a trident as a weapon instantly becomes a memorable foe and a bit of a badass.

See what I mean?

The team from Man at Arms: Reforged thankfully agree, which is why they created their own version of the trident. Of course, we haven’t gotten a solid look at the entire thing just yet, but the team had enough from existing press images to mock up a basic design. Honestly, as someone who knows absolutely nothing about metalworking and weapons forging, I had no idea how much work actually goes into creating something like this weapon. But after watching the guys work to create the trident—which actually ends up having five points rather than the traditional three—I was blown away by the crazy amount of skill that goes into making such a memorable piece of weaponry. From huge amounts of creativity and a lot of elbow grease, the guys at Man at Arms made a trident I think we’d all like to take a turn playing around with, and that Aquaman would probably love using as he conquers the forces of evil (also, please don’t play with tridents at home).

What do you think of Man at Arms’ trident? Do you like the classic Aquaman trident or Momoa’s Aquaman trident better? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Image credit: Warner Brothers, monotoneminor/ Tumblr

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